And this is why I fail at Taboo.

Me: Hey I saw a guy at the gate this morning…um, he was, uh, what’s the word?

Alex: Painting it?

Me: No! He was doing that thing where you have a mask on and there are, you know, lots of sparks everywhere. [manic hand gestures]

Alex: What is this, Taboo?

Me: Huh?

Alex: Do you mean the 4th of July?

Me: No! Jerk.

Alex: You mean welding.

Me: Yes! That! That was happening. And I saw it!

Taboo-Board-GameNote: While writing this, I couldn’t remember the name of Taboo, so I googled “charades with a buzzer board game” unsuccessfully and then spent 15 minutes trolling Amazon trying to figure out its name. That didn’t work, so while Alex was locked in our bedroom wrapping Christmas presents I yelled at him through the door and he couldn’t understand what I was asking but then he did, and I thought he said Clue and I was all confused but then I realized he said Taboo and thank god because I was really tired of working so hard for this damn blog post. I could have just looked in the closet to find out the name of that freaking game, because I sure do own it, but get real.

Update: Alex says that actually no, we don’t own Taboo, so… HA! Efforts validated. Merry Christmas.

4 responses to “And this is why I fail at Taboo.

  1. I have never tried Taboo and I bet I would fail at it miserably too lol. But now I am curious and we all have to fail things in order to do well with it later on.

  2. I never tried it as well. But now I am curious about Taboo.

  3. haha, this was too funny🙂 I love that game but, man, I’m terrible at it too!

  4. I suck at the game so don’t feel bad.

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